Fort Worth Presbyterian Church (PCA)



We provide Sunday School classes for all ages. Sunday School is an opportunity to teach the Bible accurately in its context in its original intent with a view to connecting every part of the Bible to the final revelation of the Scriptures in Jesus Christ. This is well expressed in the subtitle to Sally Lloyd-Jones’ The Jesus Storybook Bible, “Every story whispers his name.” After his resurrection, Jesus taught the two disciples on the road to Emmaus, “and beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself” (Luke 24.27). We believe that is our task with our children. The teaching our children and young adults receive will not be moralism.

Our adult classes are not age specific. They are set up on semester schedules with mini-mesters between, and cover a wide range of subjects from Bible books like Revelation or Hebrews to topics like the Trinity or prayer or marriage.


Questions People are Asking about Scripture

Led by Darwin Jordan — Lecture Hall

“Questions People are Asking about Scripture.” Here are some possible questions we might tackle: “What about heaven and the second coming of Christ?” “What about angels?” “What about the sovereignty of God and the responsibility of man?”

New Members Class

Led by Pastor Darwin Jordan & Ryan Moore — Lecture Hall

Friday, April 20th, 7pm-9pm Dessert reception at the home of Ryan & Ada Moore 4305 Bilglade Rd. Ft Worth, TX 76109; Saturday, April 21, 8:00am-12pm. (continental breakfast to be served). Saturday mornings class has nursery available UPON REQUEST. Please sign up at the table in the Fellowship Hall call the church office 817-731-3300 ext 201.

What’s Next?

Led by Hosted by Drew & Rebecca Ryan — Room 205

This class takes the questions everyone has (but is afraid to ask) and turns them into a discussion-oriented format for anyone to be a part of. We are discussing Redemption and the Christian Life this winter with questions like: How are we ‘saved?’ Why are we ‘saved?’ What happens in the salvation of an individual? This class is perfect for visitors and members looking to meet people in the church and engage with friends. New topics will be discussed each week (unless the discussion is so good it needs another week to cool down). Join us Sunday mornings to see What’s Next! Contact Rev. Ryan Moore ryan[at] 423.667.3044.



Led by Mark & Priscilla Roberts, Dowell & Beth Stackpole — Upstairs, Room 211

We use the "Show Me Jesus" curriculum from Grad Commission Publications.

1st & 2nd Grades

Led by Johnny & Susie Tassin — Upstairs, Room 210

We are working through the Historical Narratives (Stories) of the Bible to grow a foundation of God working on all of history to redeem his people.

3rd Grade

Led by Candace Hilton — Upstairs, Room 208

We are working through the Historical Narratives (Stories) of the Bible to grow a foundation of God working on all of history to redeem his people.

4th & 5th Grades

Led by Alice Fredricks & Scott Zink — Upstairs, Room 209

Exodus to Ruth


Vision Checkup: How is Yours?

Led by JD Diamantopoulos — Junior High Room 204

Life can be tough. Life as a follower of Jesus is even tougher. In Junior High Sunday School we will learn together what the world looks like for a Christian and how we can live life as followers of Jesus, together. Join us as we learn to see the world the way God sees it by putting Biblical “lenses” in our glasses.

Book of Romans

Led by Collin & Haddon Ryan, Phillip Maxwell — Room 203

The high school class is a time to eat donuts together, drink coffee and look at the “gospel ingredients” that the apostle Paul presents in his letter to the Romans in the New Testament. As we go through Romans together piece-by-piece we will break things down to understand what the gospel is, how it shows us Jesus and how we apply that to our lives. When we encounter big questions in Romans we’ll pause to consider those together—meaning your questions help drive the discussion and class!